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Board Studios, Inc.

Earn more, do more with video

If you're selling merchant services, video can set you apart from the crowd. Done right, video can increase click-through rates, turn viewers into leads and leads into customers. Videos are always on and always connected, which means they are able to reach thousands more merchants, even while you are asleep, on vacation or selling new accounts.

Videos get more click-throughs than static content and are more effective, studies have shown. Educational videos on your website can explain products and services, saving you time and increasing your reach. Merchants can browse these libraries at their convenience, viewing these videos whenever they want, from anywhere, on their connected devices.

Here are seven proven ways to optimize your video content marketing:

1. Establish Frequency: Content marketing, like payments, is built on lots of little clicks that grow and scale over time. Your messaging needs to be as reliable and steady as the millions of transactions your merchants process every day. Try to post one new video every week, ideally around the same day and time. As you produce consistently high-quality content and gain traction with viewers, you'll earn higher rankings on YouTube searches and Google pages.

2. Create Consistent Branding: Develop a signature look for people to associate with your company and brand. How do you want to be seen, as a professional and as a company? Are you standing in front of whiteboard pre-filled with key talking points or sitting on a director's chair or behind a desk? Find your ideal image and create a unique, recognizable video format that will become your identity and a memorable brand image for your viewers.

3. Have a unique 'hook' or approach: How will you create magnetic content that gets people to share and keep coming back? You could do myth-busting for your industry, answer questions from viewers, or hold live ask-me-anything sessions. Choose an approach and stick to a format for a reliably consistent look that lets your viewers know what to expect.

4. Have a pipeline of topics on your calendar: Get ideas from competitors and payments industry leaders who are already leveraging video. These companies have already done the hard work by investing in A/B testing and research to learn what works, what doesn't and what topics to cover. You can find additional data, research and ideas on these websites:

Use BuzzSumo to see your competitors' top-performing content. This will help you eliminate guesswork and produce video content based on proven results.

Use KWfinder to find top-ranking keywords and trending topics. This site will help you measure key words and phrases by volume and degree of difficulty in ranking, so that you can group them appropriately, see what content already exists and develop your own content.

As you incorporate keywords and phrases in your videos, you can tag them on YouTube to improve your video search engine optimization (SEO) and embed them in your blog to improve your website's SEO. The goal is repurposing high-value, low-cost video content to drive traffic to your business.

5. Convert video views to leads: Viewers who visit your website to watch videos may be receptive to additional ideas and marketing. YouTube is a great channel for demonstrating thought leadership with instructional videos and educational content. You can use social media to drive traffic to your YouTube videos. Once there, viewers who like your content can visit to your website to learn more about what you do and how you can help them.

Greet website visitors with a pre-recorded webinar or video session that explains your value proposition. One or two minutes into the video, "gate" your content with a pop-up that asks for the viewer's email. Send them a PDF related to what you're discussing in the video. Visitors who enter their email are self-qualified leads.

6. Convert leads to customers: What are your prospects' most frequent objections? Viewers who visit your website may have similar concerns. Target highly-qualified targets with email campaigns that use short videos to address these objections. Over time, your steady flow of YouTube content, website traffic and growing database of qualified leads will create an engaged audience. Throughout the process, you will build trust and goodwill by offering free, non-intrusive, high-value content. By dripping content to address their objections, you'll convert them into clients.

7. Use growth-hacking strategies: Posting consistently great video content will build your audience but can take a bit of time. Here are some additional ways to accelerate growth.

Brandscaping: Work with channel partners and third-party service providers to leverage complementary audiences and cross-promote business services. Courses on Skillshare and Udemy will show you how to collaborate and target the same audience.

Skillshare: Posting online courses of about 30-40 minutes on Skillshare can help expand your audience and attract potentially millions of views. YouTube and Facebook are good for shorter length videos. For example, a do-it-yourself course on Vimeo attracted close to 14,000 views. These are extremely targeted people with high conversion potential.

Business-first approach

If you are considering using video services, let's explore if and how video could work for you and your company. Following an initial strategy session to determine the best business fit, we will develop creative, cost-effective video solutions, such as our unique 'Video as a Service.' Bottom line, we're business-first, which means we "get" your business and objectives fast.

Board Studios Inc. is a boutique explainer animation production company specializing in financial services. Since 2012, Board Studios has produced more than 1,500 videos for leading payments industry companies, including Money2020, FIS Global, OnDeck and CAN Capital. Learn more at

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