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Boost Residuals, Retain and Attract Merchants with PayVus® by Aliaswire

If your merchants are complaining about credit card fees, it's time to change the conversation. PayVus® by Aliaswire, Inc. can offset the cost of credit card acceptance by using Interchange revenue to reduce Interchange cost. Unlike "cash discounting" and "surcharging," which just passes merchant processing fees to cardholders, the revolutionary PayVus business credit card delivers a world of value to your merchants that increases with every use. Merchants and acquirers tend to think of credit card Interchange as a fixed cost. PayVus has changed that paradigm by replacing Interchange costs with Interchange revenue streams. PayVus transforms the way ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs) think about credit card processing.

By moving Interchange from the loss to profit column on a merchant's balance sheet, PayVus changes merchant/processor relationships. Merchants no longer see their processors as vendors, but instead, as true business partners who deliver value and fast access to working capital.

Here's how it works

The PayVus platform combines your merchant acquiring with the PayVus World Mastercard business credit card. PayVus resellers (MLSs, ISOs and Acquirers) can provide business credit cards to merchants, without issuing risk, and receive substantial recurring residuals based on their merchants' spending. These revenue streams are paid on top of regular residuals from existing merchant portfolios. The system works with any processing system or acquirer.

When merchants batch out at the end of a day or shift, PayVus splits the daily settlement between the PayVus business credit card and the merchant's regular bank account. Funds deposited to the business credit card are posted as a credit balance and are available for immediate use.

ISOs and acquirers earn residuals on funds deposited to the card. The PayVus platform maintains a complete record of funds settlement and revenue share for all participants. Enrolled ISOs and agents who earn acquiring and issuing revenue can double their income.

Value and innovation

PayVus is a unique, patented processing solution that delivers new residual streams and a competitive advantage across the entire payments value chain, benefiting ISOs, acquirers, MLSs, ISVs / VARs and merchants.

The PayVus platform is designed to facilitate strong merchant and processor relationships while reducing churn and increasing ISO and acquirer revenue. Participating ISOs, acquirers, and MLSs are putting the platform to good use in numerous ways. Here are some examples:

Take a page (and revenue share) from issuers

As the only settlement-to-card platform enabling ISOs and acquirers to offer merchants business credit cards, PayVus enables ISOs to participate in revenue that was once only available to card issuing brands. Payments industry veteran Eugene DeSilva, GM, Aliaswire, and former SVP at Mastercard, was instrumental in designing and developing the technology platform.

"I was responsible for the small and midsize business (SMB) segment at Mastercard and to understand the needs of these businesses, I conducted research with ISOs, issuers, acquirers, and SMBs," DeSilva said. "Through discussions and research, I identified four essential needs in the SMB community: managing cash flow, obtaining credit, lowering the cost of credit card acceptance, and increasing sales." Combining acquiring with issuing can solve these pain points, but DeSilva noted that only a small percentage of SMBs qualify for business credit cards and merchant processing accounts. "We wanted to create an environment where more small business owners are approved for processing and business cards," he added. "We also wanted to increase their ability to obtain credit and reduce costs while generating incremental revenue for the ISO community by leveraging income from the issuing side."

Award-winning, end-to-end solution

Aliaswire Inc. received the 2019 Electronics Transaction Association's (ETA) Technology Innovation Award for PayVus in April 2019 at Transact 19, ETA's annual convention and expo. The company went on to win the NACHA 2019 ACH Network Challenge Award in May. Aliaswire President Scott Goldthwaite credited the company's talented team, channel partners and innovative technology for its public recognition and exponential growth. Goldthwaite said the PayVus advanced technology suite is specially designed for SMBs, stating, "it helps merchants reduce costs, obtain financing, manage cash flow and increase sales while supporting a range of management functions within a single platform." The secure PayVus dashboard provides a real-time consolidated view of a merchant's AP / AR, transaction processing and lines of credit activities, he noted. "Payment card acceptance and access to capital are critical requirements for today's business owners," Goldthwaite added. "The PayVus card issuing and processing platform is a timely resource that adds value, builds trust, and delivers upstream and downstream benefits."

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Boost Residuals, Retain and Attract Merchants with PayVus® by Aliaswire

Tap into card issuing revenue and put PayVus to work for you and your merchants