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Small business settlement-to-card platform

This story originally appeared in The Green Sheet Issue 181002 on October 22, 2018.

Aliaswire recently launched PayVus, an advanced technology platform designed to help small and midsize business owners reduce costs, obtain financing, manage cash flow and increase sales. In addition to providing access to working capital, the solution supports a range of business management functions within a single platform. A secure dashboard provides participating merchants with a real-time, consolidated view of accounts receivables, accounts payables, transaction processing and lines of credit activities, company representatives stated.

"Payment card acceptance and access to capital are critical requirements for today's business owners," stated Scott Goldthwaite, chief operating officer at Aliaswire. "The PayVus card issuing and processing platform provides reduced rates and a small business line of credit."

Enrolled PayVus merchants receive a commercial credit card, Goldthwaite stated. While processing payment card transactions, PayVus will split-settle daily batches between a merchant's credit card and regular bank account. Deposited funds are posted as credit balances on the credit card account and become available for the merchant's immediate use, he noted.

Benefits for acquirers, ISOs

Aliaswire stated that PayVus maintains a complete record of funds settlement and revenue share. Participating ISOs receive residuals for all funds deposited to a merchant's PayVus card. At their discretion, acquirers can use these residuals to offset or reduce a merchant's processing fees. The company noted the following additional benefits for ISOs and acquirers:

Benefits for payment card issuers

Issuers can benefit by combining small business card issuing and merchant acquiring within a single platform, Aliaswire representatives noted. In addition to deriving increased interchange revenue, they can expand their portfolios of small business card product offerings. The PayVus platform's flexible design and easy integration options enable issuers to implement it according to their individual small business acquisition strategies.

"We're seeing interesting behaviors," Goldthwaite said. "For many merchants, their merchant acquirers have become their card issuers and the bank for their deposits. This makes PayVus a great product fit and opportunity for emerging markets."

Goldthwaite said the PayVus platform can be implemented to support multiple types of card issuing and acquiring programs, including the following: