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Tap into card issuing revenue and put PayVus to work for you and your merchants

PayVus for ISO and Acquirers from Aliaswire, Inc. on Vimeo.

We all know that selling on rate is a race to the bottom. While merchant level salespeople try to redirect conversations from rate to value, Interchange is still the elephant in the room with many prospects. Merchants who ask, "what's my rate?" and MLSs who analyze their statements tend to think of rate as an elephant: big, fixed and immovable, instead of something they can leverage.

For years, payments industry stakeholders have thought of Interchange as a fixed cost for Acquirers and revenue source for Issuers. Techniques such as "cash discounting" and "surcharging" are the latest fad that attempts to mask Interchange costs, but these approaches only results in shifting Interchange costs and merchant processing fees to Cardholders The Interchange game changed when Square and PayPal issued business debit cards, which enables them to earn Interchange revenue when their merchants used the cards.

Recognizing the limitations of debit cards and seeing a need for a robust business credit card solution, Aliaswire launched PayVus®, a Mastercard World Business credit card with built-in technologies to help small and midsize businesses grow and scale while being fully integrated with their merchant processing. PayVus helps merchants reduce costs, manage cash flows and obtain fast access to funding. Best of all, whenever the PayVus Mastercard is used, it helps participating merchants lower their processing costs while enabling ISO's and Acquirers to participate in the revenue generated whenever their merchants use the PayVus card.

"For ISO's and Acquirers, PayVus is a game-changer. PayVus enables ISO's and Acquirers to tap into card issuing Interchange revenue stream and provide a combined acquiring and issuing solution that is more cost effective for their merchants," says Scott Goldthwaite, President of Aliaswire, Inc.

Priceless value for SMBs – PayVus provides the bridge between payables and receivables

PayVus combines your merchant acquiring with small business credit card issuing. The PayVus MasterCard World Business card is fully integrated with your merchant processing. In addition to the traditional revolving line of credit – up to $10,000 – the PayVus platform split-settles a portion of their daily merchant processing proceeds to the PayVus card. This combination boosts a merchant's purchasing power. With this approach, this revolutionary platform pays residuals based on merchant card usage, creating new recurring revenue streams. ISOs and acquirers can use these residuals to offset and reduce merchant processing fees, giving them the ability to sell at or below Interchange.

In addition to lowering fees, PayVus provides integrated AR and AP solutions and a line of credit that merchants can access to grow their businesses. PayVus product and service offerings are made available to merchants exclusively through Aliaswire sales channel partners.

Participating ISO and acquirer resellers can customize and brand the PayVus platform and the PayVus card to promote their unique value propositions and brand messages.

With PayVus, ISO's can now provide a competitive card solution to the forgotten segment of SMBs that are not high-risk but don't have perfect credit scores. ISO's providing PayVus to their merchants

Build long-term, profitable partnerships

The PayVus card provides a revolving line of business credit without requiring a personal guarantee. Merchants can use their PayVus credit cards to make purchases and manage expenses. Unlike debit cards, PayVus transactions can also help merchants build a solid credit history.

Today's merchants are looking for ways to offset the cost of accepting credit cards. They need more than simplistic discount programs or shiny technology. They need true partners who can help them manage their businesses and compete with big brands. They expect their partners to provide transparent solutions with real-time access to payment card activity.

PayVus delivers new residual streams and a competitive advantage to all payments industry stakeholders, including ISOs, acquirers, MLSs and merchants. Providing merchants with integrated AR/AP solutions can facilitate stronger relationships while reducing churn and increasing ISO and acquirer revenue. These value-added services and competitive pricing make it easier for acquirers, ISOs and MLSs to build mutually profitable merchant relationships that stand the test of time.

PayVus moves Interchange from the loss to profit column on every merchant's balance sheet, forever changing discussions about price. Put PayVus to work for you and your merchants today.

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Tap into card issuing revenue and put PayVus to work for you and your merchants